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October 2, 2017 Flashback: The Day After The Las Vegas False Flag Masscre In Las Vegas, Nevada
Published 2 years ago
Alex Jones reports on the day after the massacre of 58 people and over 500 wounded in Las Vegas on October 1, 2017.
This video should be used as a retrospective understanding of what was known within 24 hours compared with later 20/20 hindsight.
What we now know as a combined deployment of dark elements US and Saudi joint intelligence operation on US citizens was already unraveling in its lone nut cover story less than 24 hours later because of the use of personal cell phones and access to the internet to upload. But even then, this test run on the inability to fully quash, squelch, silence freedom of speech was Conspiracy Complicit by Big Tech. The Freedom of Information ability of private citizens to share for any up and coming false flag has been learned from by events like this Vegas massacre. The use of dragonfly in the US and the ability to Emergency Broadcast System turn all information into a 1 channel system that destroys all internet and non-ham radio communication is a real possibility in any up and coming national False Flag series of events on the US. The belt fed action of the initial shooting is seen in other cell phone video as a forward gun torrent of what appears to be a T-51 style helicopter. Alex and the world media presumes wrongly it is a hotel out the window shooter. The hotel crime scene evidence posted in the UK Daily Mail (that is, the foreign press) and on the ground cell phone video and audio, dismisses the narrative of the lone nut shooter, despite the DOJ and others who covered it up and claimed State Secret Act or whatever they did to shut all the other simultaneous shootings down of that same time frame.
Permission for use by Copyright holder Alex Jones.
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