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10 Brands, 5 Alkaline vs. AlkaLIZED Kangen H2 Water - Cheri McGaffin LIVE 1-Min. Light Test


Timothy and Cheri McGaffin

Published: 9 months ago

Cheri McGaffin compares the electrical conductivity of 10 popular bottled waters, including 5 alkaline brands vs. Kangen Water in an amazing LIVE demo.

(Kangen vs. Kirkland, Nestle Pure Life, Aquafina, SmartWater, Voss, Qure 9.5+, Real E2 8.0, Essentia 9.5+, Essence pH10, Delish 8.88 pH)

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alkaline, alkalized, bottled waters, cheri mcgaffin, human voltage, kangen, light bulb, live demo, live test, structured water, water, water structure

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