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4 Brands of Alkaline vs. AlkaLIZED Kangen H2 Water: Light Bulb Test


Timothy and Cheri McGaffin

Published: 10 months ago

There's a difference between alkaline vs. alkalized, Bad alkaline vs. Good alkaline, chemical vs. electrical, imbalance vs. balance. We test and compare Qure pH 9.5+, Real E2 pH 8.0, Essence pH 10, Essentia pH 9.5+ vs. Kangen Water 9.5 pH.

The purpose of this video is to capture your attention, open a conversation and then put you on the path to do your own research to get all your questions answered. Let me know what questions you have.

Timothy McGaffin II
Cheri McGaffin

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alkaline, alkalized, balance, chemical, dissolved hydrogen, electrical, essentia, h2, imbalance, kangen, qure, structured water, water, water structure

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