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Dr. James Thorp SPEAKS On Being Fired Over Covid TRUTH: Catholic Provider CAVES To Leftist Pressure
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Published 7 months ago

Stew Peters Show

July 27, 2023

Speaking the truth to save lives comes at a cost and that's why most doctors are cowards.

Dr. James Thorp joins Stew to detail his recent firing for speaking the truth about fetal deaths occurring as a result of the Covid-19 bioweapon injections.

Dr. Thorp has forty-four years of experience in his field and over 150 scholarly publications but he put it all on the line to speak out about the impact of these Covid shots on pregnant women.

He said what was obvious but thousands of other doctors were too cowardly to speak the truth.

He claimed the clot shots were killing babies, and such was demonstrated in his feature in the documentary "Died Suddenly".

If a shot causes inflammation, if it can make you fall ill, if it causes myocarditis, then it’s also going to cause miscarriages or birth defects.

Dr. Thorp worked for a Catholic hospital system, SSM Health.

The Catholic church teaches that the unborn are just as human as any of us and that’s why they oppose abortion.

So their hospitals ought to support a doctor speaking up for the unborn and for pregnant women.

However, SSM Health did not do that and instead, on July 20th, they fired Dr. Thorp.

According to the man who fired him, SSM CEO Kevin Elledge, Thorp was a “model physician” and just had to be let go for financial reasons.

This is a bogus cover story.

It’s obvious they wanted him gone because of the truth he revealed about the danger of the Covid shots.

Thorp was repeatedly pressured to take a large monetary sum, or a bribe in essence, as well as a gag order.

Thorp refused the payoff multiple times, until finally they simply told him he was fired, and circulated an email suggesting that he had committed serious misconduct.

Dr. Thorp is now considering a possible lawsuit against SSM Health, not just over his termination but for their wider un-Christian and hypocritical behavior.

The world needs more courageous, God-fearing doctors like Dr. Thorp to fight for the unborn, and for medical freedom!

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