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5G Is The Kill Shot
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Terra Times
Published 5 months ago |
This video clip exposes the health destroying effects of 5G cell technology.

The perpetrators of this scheme have done everything they can to hide the extensive research showing the damage that the activation of 5G will have on the human body. They've also pushed through federal laws that are crafted to prevent U.S. cities from stopping the roll-out of this insidious technology.

There is growing resistance to this by a number of cities, but the only way this will be stopped is if there is a massive outcry from citizens.

Swiss citizens have demanded that the roll-out in their country be stopped until the safety of this technology is verified scientifically. Only fake research will show it as safe. There is even a country wide push to have a vote by the citizens of Switzerland on whether 5G should be used at all.

It's critical that the U.S. population stops the installation here or the consequences will be devastating to the health and freedom of the citizens of this country.

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