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Vaccine Passports — Do you view the battle is over and lost? Or just starting?
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Published 3 years ago

During Episode 364 of Sunday Wire Radio Show, host Patrick Henningsen talked about the new globalized push for a “Vaccine Passport”.

However the recently constructed Great Firewall of the West kicked in and attempted to remove it from public discourse and core digital memory of humankind. The content was entirely lawful.

YouTube cited algorithmic detection of thought disobedience to one of our new, unelected global masters, the World Health Organization.

“disputes the efficacy of local health authorities or WHO guidance on social distancing & self isolation that may lead people to act against that guidance.”

An organization with a vast history of corruption, incompetence and mistakes.

The same organization that had informed governments worldwide as late as mid-January 2020, that “authorities have found no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission of the novel #coronavirus (2019-nCoV)”. When in fact it had been spreading for months, and access to that truth had been shielded by political and financial interests.

I spent all of today creating a video to fit the audio. If it resonates with you, please considering sharing it with all your networks.

I’ve not asked people to share before. I don’t want to nag or nudge others. People will do what people will do. However on this occasion it deserves and needs to be shared.

I’ve also taken the unusual step and included a YouTube version to help with distribution. Based upon past experience, Big Brother will remove it and I may lose my third channel in the past 12 months. Please be aware that LBRY is the safest option. Download their app.

However I fully understand that Google surveillance tools are now installed as default on most phones worldwide, resulting in YouTube being of greater convenience.

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Music: “Art of Silence – by Uniq” is under a Creative Commons license.

Photos: Three black and whites of the unmasked woman at Brixton Station, London. Copyright Martin Geddes Photography. (Permission Obtained).

Other: Royalty free video footage, some seconds courtesy of Zeitgeist Film Series (Under Fair Use).

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