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Chinese trash saved the world-Western lies re Cultural Revolution-Part 3 of 8, New China Scholarship


China Rising Radio Sinoland

Published: 9 months ago

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1839, 1949, 1950, 1953, 1960s, 1966, 1987, anti-imperialism, bertolucci, blacks, capitalist, castro, central committee, china rising-capitalist roads socialist destinations, china: a new history, chinese trash, communism, communist party of china, cuba, cultural revolution, dongping han, florida, great leap forward, harvard, iran, jeff j. brown, john king fairbank, john loane, khamenei, khomeini, korean war, mao zedong, maoism, may 16 directive, middle kingdom, muslims, new york times, propaganda, pu yi, red china, revolution, rural education, socialist, soviet, stalin, the last emperor, west, white trash

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