BLINKEN TRIP TO CHINA U.S. dominance is over! - view from China
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I'm sharing this video that Premiered Apr 28, 2024, from "Reports on China" on Youtube. From Andy Boreham in Shanghai. #china #blinken #politics

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken went home with his tail between his legs after an official three-day visit to China in which he tried his very best to convince the world of a litany of nonsensical crap that neither he nor anyone else with a brain believes, including spouting the “over-capacity” myth that Yellen tried to start on her last visit, and trying to tell Beijing that Washington has some kind of right to decide who China can and cannot trade with.

This desperation and hypocrisy blatantly on show from U.S. leaders visiting China is a sign of one thing: the hegemony of the U.S.-led West is falling, and it’s a joy to watch! Today we’ll talk about it.

This is Reports on China, I’m Andy Boreham in Shanghai. Let’s get reporting.

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