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Avatar Wake Up. A Guided Meditation
Published 2 years ago
The third dimensional world as we’ve known it is over. We cannot go back but it’s also important that more people awaken to their true nature. The human blueprint was created to be an expression of God Source, and in order to co-create a different world, we must “see” ourselves in a whole new light. Together, we will co-create a world based on self-love, and the love of all humanity and all creation.

This meditation is intended to be a reminder of who you are, a reminder that penetrates deep into every layer and cell of your being. Take a moment to nurture yourself and listen, breathe, and feel the love of God Source. Upcoming this week in the US is Thanksgiving Day. Be grateful for YOU this season because you too can do something very important at this time!

Let the gentle background sounds rock you, embrace you, and nurture you. Feel free to share!

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