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Published 3 months ago

CTP S1E29 SHOW NOTES ( listen (Sat Jan 6 2024 and thereafter) at: )...

ChristiTutionalist Politics (S1E29) "WOKE Tax?"

Obviously as Conservatives/ChristiTutionalist we generally OPPOSE ANY NEW TAXES, but it is high-time we fight Fire with Fire (figuratively, and as the saying goes) and look at putting the manure of The Left directly back upon them and call out their hypocrisy. How long you been hearing The Left calling for "Wealth Tax?" Well, time we call their bluff - how about a WOKE Tax on University (100's of Billions each) Endowments while they still cry Poor and hiking Tuition-Rates to the stratosphere?!?!? Something The Left would never Vote for, but time we "called their bluff" and put them on Record protecting THE RICH and their Millionaires and Billionaires Base despite their empty Public rhetoric. A Strategy I've been calling for a long time and some in D.C. finally getting up to speed (some creativity for a change, rather than same-ole same-ole games they play (and LOSE) by GOP Leadership). Plus discussion about Conservative Talk-Show Radio Hosts, most notably Dennis Prager.

Also, what does Tyrus and the GUTFELD Show have to do with any of this? Tune-in, listen, for details.

See Buzzsprout podcasts Transcript of/for this Show for "Episode related additional information."

Transcript Bonus: Why I A ChristiTutionalist Oppose Proposed Fair Tax Scheme


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