Are we resilient enough for what's ahead?
57 views • 03/23/2023

How resilient are you? What's your capacity to bounce back from the immunological, psychological and emotional challenges we currently face? 

Rob Verkerk PhD summarises why we need to build resilience and re-appraise values, skills and qualities so we can be ready for what's ahead.

Are our communities sufficiently resilient to tackle what's in the pipeline? Whether it's another pandemic, the collapse of health systems, food shortages, the energy crisis, and a cost of living crisis? 

The more resilient we are, the more able we are to deal with current and future stressors and challenges, some of which might seem insurmountable. But that's only when our adaptive capacity has been eroded through our inability to cope with the multiple sources of stress. 

Now is the time for us to focus less on what's wrong with the world around us, and more on what we feel is right for the future. We need to get off the back foot, and firmly onto the front foot.

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