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What Deficiency Causes Loss of Taste & Smell? || Karen Selick
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Published 2 years ago |
Most 'COVID' patients (about 60%) lose or experience changes in their sense of smell and taste. This has been quickly attributed to a virus.

Karen Selick, a retired lawyer, writer and nutritionist explains that some studies show that there is a well-known mineral deficiency that is associated with these very symptoms. Why don't we hear more about it? Wouldn't it make sense to supplement with it?

This mineral is zinc. Zinc deficiency is also associated with increased vulnerability to viral [and/or other] infections.

Note: in terrain theory there are only two real causes of disease: deficiency and toxicity, so keep that in mind when reading the medical literature which assumes that viruses exist as described. Whether you believe germ theory or terrain theory is correct, the points made in this video by Karen are instructive. The very fact that agencies who claim to care about your health are telling you NOT to take something that is vital to many healing processes in the body is quite telling, especially when so many are deficient at the best of times.

* Links to the articles referred to in this video:

PLOS – Predictive symptoms for COVID-19 etc.

Life Extension Foundation – Zinc Lozenges for the Common Cold. Why Did It Take 30 Years?

Here’s an excellent article on the interaction between zinc and stress (although not mentioned in the video):

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