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Media Hiding Vaccine Failure
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Published a year ago |
Truth In Media
With Ben Swann
-Exposing the hospitalized sick as overwhelmingly, almost all are those who were vaccinated. The very opposite what the big media reports, I shouldn't call it reporting, just flat out lying their ashes off.

I am disgusted and disappointed like I've never been before. I am going to vent a little now for my own health, dont judge me for doing this because holding it in is turning me grey. Okay.
This should be considered criminal behavior of a high magnitude because they arent just lying to one person, they are lying to potentially over 7 billion people. Their crime is each lie multiplied by each pair of ears multiplied by 7 billion ( the amount of persons who have the potential to able to hear the lie). The media has calculated crimes that is astronomically and that needs to be prosecuted. Period. Their behavior is criminal because the lies are to get people to do something that is proven can cause serious harm and even death, and money is being made, and this is a designed plan. BIG MONEY persuading people to kill themselves but they dont know it, the death may not be instant but slowly, stacking up disease over time that would never have been their. To inject poison into peoples bodies by calling it medicine or a fake cure, it is criminal. The media are so guilty, they are giving the baby the gun and the baby ends up shooting self. This violates the constitution and Bill of rights. Yes, we have freedom of speech unless it infringes and restricts the rights of others or causes physical damage or harm. The media has the power to influence the masses into harms path. Journalists have special protections but their should be an addendum to that, they are giving medical advise to inject poison knowingly and they say it's safe in order to persuade people. The motive is premeditated, they are well aware of what they are doing, they are not naive, they have malice, they push depopulation. Do they have a license to kill? They dont but it's obvious they believe they do. That is intent. Their motive is clear that they believe their is too many people, and people have to go, and they are promoting and persuading people towards the devices they believe are going to fullfill their depopulation desire. They have the ears of the nation and the world, further, they are part of the censorship of denying others first ammendment right, another violation of the law. Restricting other voices sounding the alarm to the death that is already occurring. They are already guilty, massively. The vaccines are to cause harm, the vaccine spreads the disease. They want to inflection harm. it's so blatant and open and close case if you do your research. This is not probable deniability anymore.
Censorship be dammed, we know whether censorship is in affect or not. The mouthpiece of the vaccines needs to be muzzled and shackled, as they are doing to all the citizens in the world. The media is actively criminal on live at all times of the day for anyone who pulls their head out of (blank). So we are caught in this stalemate, we could win this thing if some arrests were made. The mainstream goliath corporations have their foot on all of our necks, they are lawless. Why do we buy or support their products? The fact is every person is their target. If your a police officer, if your a nurse, if your a doctor, if your a lawyer, if you are anything or if you are nothing, your life is being taken away from you, we are all going to lose everything. And if your happy it's because your complying to slavery. And it's a snake that is going to squeeze you tighter everytime you breathe. So are you going to wait to fight when the snake is wrapped so tight, until your not able to breathe In any longer? That is already happening to citizens in your town, when they are all gone your next, and after them the police, and then the military, and the ones left will be pitted against each other. We are all going to have an expedited unnatural unhonorable disgusting death. Unless you fight, humanity is pushed into a corner and the snake is already attacking. How long are you going to stand their doing nothing, your not a statue I'm sorry to tell you. Your flesh and blood and mortal. The enemy is attacking on all fronts. Maybe it's better to do reverse psychology? Your going to be fine, you can just bury your head and the monster will run away scared while your a defenseless a compliant unaware piece of dangling meat, easy target, easy prey. You are not being medicated through your tap to weaken your mind. You are a righteous healer giving people cures for disease called a vaccine, dont worry about all the ones flopping around on the floor like fish out of water, that just means the cure/ vaccine is working! Its affective! Your doing a great job. Maybe you need some more sleep. Go to bed already, you've already done quite enough. Quick before the crippled come back with questions.

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