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GWP: Paul Glumaz, LaRouche Movement NW THE UNRAVELLING 5/19/20
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In the middle of the breakdown crisis of the globally extended tans-Atlantic British empire that penetrates all nations, in one way or another, we have something occurring that is unprecedented, the unraveling of the imperial apparatus in the U.S. It is not just that the usual suspects have been caught illegally spying, or illegally unmasking, or illegally framing-up, or illegally seeking to overthrow the President in a treasonous coup, but also those erstwhile Republican supporters of the President in the U.S. Senate, the ones pushing for war with China, along with Secretary of State Pompeo, have too been caught as well. They have been caught with going along with the suppression of the evidence that was available to them in their official capacity, evidence that would have ended the assault on the President. This is the significance of the latest developments. Pompeo, Senators Burr, Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio, and others stand exposed. As the unraveling occurs there is an international dimension. Mexican President, AMLO, is asking the Trump administration to declassify information about the Obama era gun running "Fast and Furious" used to build up the narco-cartels that now control half of Mexico. These Mexican drug cartels that distribute most of the illegal drugs in the U.S. are a key component of the Obama apparatus, both politically and financially. The more the unraveling takes place, the more the rest of the world will be encouraged to assist the unraveling process, the way the President of Mexico is now doing.

Then there is the financial unraveling. Federal Reserve Chairman, Jerome Powell, testified before the U.S. Congress on the expected loss of 25% of the GDP and 25% official unemployment, and that the banks need a much bigger bailout. There will be a reckoning. There always is. The reckoning is coming, and it is coming in the middle of the U.S. election. This election is not between two corrupt political parties. There is no Democratic Party. It doesn't exist. There is instead a criminal, British intelligence connected machine that includes the six major companies that control the media. Joe Biden is not running for President. Rather "the machine" is running for a total consolidation of a fascist dictatorship that has its current inflection in the events of 9/11. There is no real Republican Party. There is the British and Obama machine leaning Republicans, there is the Trump apparatus, and then there is the vast non-Republican Party or non-Democratic Party element being deluged with British style cognitive disinformation warfare. We must welcome the unraveling and we must help usher in the reckoning.

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