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The War For Freedom, Why We Will Fight and Will Be Victorious. Klaus Schwab WEF & Xi's CCP 2/3
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Published 5 months ago |
PART II - The Good Fight ForEvermore 1 19 2022
Like we told you in Part I;mc=aectm
and as we have covered in previous shows, the Forces of Evil are out to strip The Human Race of its Freedom.

Once again, let introduce Klaus Schwab, Creator of the World Economic Forum and his ally Xi Ping, the blood thirsty Emperor of Communist China, who believes the human race must be controlled by government using the Chinese Model of Tyranny.

Listen to Klaus’s Opening statement to this year’s WEF, and then just a short segment from Xi Ping who opened up the forum following Klaus.

Some buzz words from Klaus:
‘Biodiversity’ ...

Speaking of history … Xi Ping referred to, in relation to the Human Race while attempting to sound like a concerned fatherly figure, that it is the Chinese Year of the Tiger which represent bravery and overcoming obstacles through strength.
We at SSN News have covered the historic fact many times about how the Chinese have utilize plagues as a means of warfare. What we do know is when Xi refers to history, he is not referring to U.S. history as in the creation of a Government of The People, By The, For The People, like Our Founders wrote in the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. You can bet on that fact!

So what is Xi Ping referring to in history? What is Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum really all about? They have just told us all that they fully intend to implement Global Government, One World Government Under One Ruling Body.
Why can we make that statement with full confidence? Because we use our knowledge of history, just like Xi Ping stated.

The answer is power and control, where a single person or group of people want to “Rule The World!” It’s well document from the beginning of recorded History!

But have no fear - because over the next months we will be providing information to the world reminding the Free People of World about how powerful we are, and how weak and pathetic these evil people really are, and how we can all do our part to end their attempt of a reign of terror and end it now!

Next clip is from Laura who explains how we begin to recognize the issues listen closely as Laura catches up to Independent News Sources like SSN to her nationally-syndicated audience. Notice how Hannity still doesn’t get it.
If you don’t understand you can watch our show on Hitler’s Olympics from several weeks ago.;mc=aectm

In this clip the Ingraham Angle goes on to expose the WEF and their minions.
We The Free People of The World Are Awake
Our Founders; Our Constitutional Laws and Rights
We The People are in Their Way
Why did she leave out the 2nd Amendment when she referenced laws?
They can’t let go because the consequences are too severe

Next we hear from Dinesh D’Souza who has had experience dealing with these pompous asses at the WEF and their cabal which we will help crush and hold accountable.
It goes back to what I always say, Evil Defeats Evil. But this time I will add that it will take some help from We The People, due to how society, weaponry, and technology has evolved.

In Part III we will play for you more about what the discussion between Hannity and Laura was about and the boycott of watching the Beijing Olympics so we don’t make the same mistakes of the past like we did with Hitler in 1936, where he began invading neighboring countries after showing off his Nazi Model just like Xi will do with China in 2022, like I said watch the show we did.

You won’t want to miss the plan in the War for Freedom Guidebook

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