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** America! Bows Down to the United Nations Migration Pact ** - Bowne – 12/Apr/2021
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Published 2 months ago |
** America! Bow Down Before Your Illegal Overlords ** - Bowne – 12/Apr/2021
- Banned.Video, Jon Bowne – 12/Apr2021
- Article & Video:
-- It makes zero sense. Every year millions of U.S. citizens pay their taxes under the oppressive 16th Amendment under a corporacratic system hijacked by an oligarchy disguised as a Republic. As criminal illegal immigrant facilities aiding the cartel’s drugs and human trafficking schemes fueling the United Nations replacement migration plans are built with those same tax dollars. Meanwhile, Biden’s approval ratings continue to plummet over his pseudo handling pro surge of the border. But do the polls even matter?
This year, Congress gave our illegal overlords $4.38 billion in COVID relief stimulus money. Regardless of the fact that they have no social security numbers.That is unless you count the 2 million using fraudulent social security numbers that were used to cash in anyway. And now in New York, where deceptive Governor Cuomo is under investigation for fudging the numbers on a death toll of 13,000 elderly American citizens who met their end due to alleged Covid malfeasance. Enclaves of undocumented workers who lost work during the pandemic will now receive one-time payments of up to $15,600. Nearly 4 times the amount American workers received from their own taxes.
It's getting so lopsided that in the very near future, it may make good fiscal sense for some Americans to renounce their citizenship and become an illegal in their native Country.
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