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Dr. Sam Bailey: What Happened In Italy In 2020
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Vigilent Citizen
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Published 5 months ago

MIRRIRED from frankploegman

“This psychological operation, a behavioral modification exercise, occurred simultaneously across the world. A PCR pandemic was evident to those paying attention. Democide (government ordered murder) was committed in hospitals and nursing homes on innocent patients and residents behind closed doors and without witnesses for an illness they did not have. The killing fields were required by government to keep the fear and hysteria on-going in order to usher in the EUA Trial. Crimes Against Humanity with no end in sight. Millions of family members want justice for the murder of their loved ones who were isolated, bullied, abused, starved, dehydrated, poisoned and asphyxiated to death to drive up statistics and bring in covid money. Those who played a part in this for a paycheck and prestige must be held accountable. The police and clergy as well.”

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