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85) Robert F Kennedy Jr. - Corporatism is using vaccines to turn Americans into commodities [dez 2019]
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Robert F Kennedy Jr. - Corporatism is using vaccines to turn Americans into commodities [Dez 2019] | published on my youtube channel 'Clarity with Claire Edwards' at 14/05/2020:

Full credits to 'The Truth About Vaccines' Channel:
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The Truth About Vaccines Docu-Series: Episode 9
People talk about big government and how it's a threat to democracy. And it is a threat. When government can spy on you, like our government is doing to us today. When it can torture people, which is something America never allowed. When they can read our mail and store our emails and do all this stuff. Everybody knows it’s a danger. But the biggest danger from the beginning of our country's history [?] under our most visionary, beloved political leaders was that the biggest threat to American democracy was outsized corporate power.
Thomas Jefferson fought like hell to make sure corporations could not get charters because he said, “They are eternal. They have no soul. And they will grow and they will overwhelm democracy. And if you let them form with these limited liability charters, we will regret it and our democracy will not survive.”
Andrew Jackson said the same thing, [his bones] fighting the banks to try to make sure that the banks could not get their charters.
Teddy Roosevelt, a Republican, said that American democracy would never be destroyed by a foreign power. We're too big and we're too powerful. But he said it would be subverted by malefactors of great wealth who would undermine it from within.
Dwight Eisenhower, a Republican, his most important and famous speech ever: on my birthday in 1960 as he was leaving office and my uncle was coming in, he gave a speech in which he warned America against the domination by a military corporate industrial complex. A unity of corporate and government power.
Abraham Lincoln, founder of the Republican Party and the greatest president probably in our history, at the height of the Civil War, said “I have the south in front of me and I have the corporations behind me. And for my nation I fear the corporations more.”
And Franklin Roosevelt said, during World War Two, that the domination of government by corporate power is “the essence of fascism”.
And Benito Mussolini, an insider with that process, said essentially the same thing: he complained that fascism should not be called fascism; it should be called corporatism because it was the merger of state and corporate power.
And today, we are living at – what they warned us about. There's a seamless unity between CDC, EPA, HHS, FDA, the regulatory agencies and the vaccine companies. And they have turned Americans into commodities.
And we have to understand as a nation that the domination of business by government is called communism. The domination of government by business is called fascism. Now our job is to walk that narrow channel in between and keep big government at bay with our right hand, and keep big business at bay with our left. And walk down that road of free-market capitalism and democracy. And in order to do that, we need a public that’s educated, that understands the science, that understands and appreciates all the milestones of tyranny, and that is willing and ready to stand up and defend the values of our country, and our culture, and our children's health, whatever [?] the individual cost to ourselves. I know that everybody in this room is already in that category.
Our challenge now is to go out and find all the other people. People, men and women of goodwill in this country who, if they understood what we know, would be with us 100%. We need to take back our country, our children's health, and our democracy.
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