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Published 2 years ago
Read the description: (continuing after) what else is taking place in the U.S. besides the Omicron mandate push? (See Part 1).

Part Two: Military Brought into Culture War, the 2024 election Insurrection.
Victor Davis Hanson and Col Schlichter

Hanson: Military going into Defense Consulting/Lobbying right after leaving
Colonel on soldiers refusing shots, not impressed with the General in charge.
What’s going on in the Air Force? Second Time we heard about them in one week
Victor thinks it is about intimidation. The Colonel expresses concerns about Russia China offensives, and if we are prepared.

Next Issue the Federal Trade Commission Nominee
In charge of breaking up monopolies and protect privacy.
Lobbyist for Google is pushing for his nomination.
Where do we start with the problems and corruption with this one?

Da Nag Dick Blumenthal ties to the U.S. Communist China
Claims ignorance
capitalism will not work for our future
Dick is invested in Communist China
Biden Dick B and how many others are selling us out to Communist China.
Media quiet
U.S. Companies and sports have more loyalty to Communist China than the U.S.

The DOJ is now Joey Biden’s Personal enforcement agency, going after independent reporters over Ashley Biden’s Diary
NY Second District Again, there is something really wrong in New York
Dhillon - were they really after the Diary or finding a list of corruption Project VERITAS has?
Assault on Freedom of the Press

Trump Sues New York Attorney General
Trump Attorney Abba
Viewpoint Discrimination
How many places in this country are the same political prosecutions taking place?
What kind of Justice System does We The People have and where can We The People find Justice?

Only a child would believe there is perfection in any government, but
what are we seeing taking place right now?
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