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93) Claire Edwards insights – Q TRUMP CARD 2020 & A.I. Kingdom [Age Of Truth TV]
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Published a year ago |
Full credits to Age of Truth Channel (mirror): "The Q TRUMP CARD 2020 & A.I. ARCHON KINGDOM" by Claire Edwards, Steven Whybrow, Eril Kaya [Age Of Truth TV]. Streamed live on Nov 03, 2020:

New Eye-opening, mind-blowing and controversial revelations, prophecies, thoughts in this new in-depth Roundtable discussion with Claire Edwards, Steven Whybrow and introducing Eril Kaya. With thanks to Jay K. from The Clapham Saints for more decoding of the frontpage of the December 2019 E c o n o m i s t Magazine prophecies through numerology and gematria.

An explosive, fascinating, esoteric, mystical and controversial debate between 3 very different speakers; Claire Edwards, Steven Whybrow and Eril Kaya, joining Age Of Truth TV´s presenter and investigative reporter, Lucas Alexander, for this (yet another) "Message to Humanity", part of the CHECKMATE PROPHECY show we have done recently, this time about the other realms, mediumship, mysticism, Gnosticism, shamanism, alien entities, Archons and Donald Trump´s role, the Trump election, the Q movement and the world crisis. How to change our perception, decode and decipher the encoded secret messages for the world on the front cover of "E c o n o m i s t Magazine" (Dec. 2019 edition).

Claire Edwards: Former United Nations editor, Author & Public Speaker. Steven Whybrow: Investigative Journalist, Activist, Public Speaker. Eril Kaya, Shaman, Metaphysical Researcher, Interdimensional Experiencer, Medium.

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