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Anna Von Reitz Critique - Natural Law American Cory Endrulat
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Cory - Nature Is The Answer
Published 3 months ago |

DO enter into the assemblies and share what they share, the striving for freedom; but teach them what freedom is. This is a friendly critique in cheers to orderly discourse. Efforts without understanding the mental, moral and spiritual principles is not striking at the roots. You must be the teacher and share the all, with all. When we use words like "public law" and "government" in promoting freedom, we have to be careful and I prove why that is. The simple truth matters most, and when I hear people talk about "restoring our lawful government," I must ask... When was it ever "ours"? What is a "government"? Does "lawful" relate to "rightful" as by morality? Let's look deeper into the knowledge of our world. Semantics may go on, but I seek to reason and cover the basis and roots to the actual problem within our world. I hope Anna or anyone involved in her network would be willing to simply reason upon my accountability and intent here past any semantics, as I already have with many peoples. I support her works despite my criticisms, because that work doesn't just rely on her, it relies on ALL of us. In all honestly, Anna may not know how to approach the topics I teach and talk about, especially since it is not common in the world, but I'd be willing to help and integrate communities and ideas, and write out anything in any length at anytime. I am dedicated to this work. Note that I hold many movements accountable and I would hope the same for mine. All love and respect to Anna and the assemblies, I want people to still get involved! Learn about the common law assembly & all this knowledge (including Anna and myself): Additional created resource: - All My Links: BE A WRITER (CONTRIBUTOR, I Will Make Videos For You And Promote You; Free Independent Education Newspaper): BE A SPEAKER ON FREEDOM (SUMMIT): & LEARN + ACT & Change The World (MOVEMENT): MY FIRST BOOK (To Teach, Learn & Share): MY SECOND BOOK (To Reflect): NEW CHAT SERVER (GET INVOLVED): LIVESTREAMS: Second Channel (Livestream Vods): - #annavonreitz #commonlaw #americanstatesassembly #tasa #commonlawassembly #correctyourstatus #realamerican #realamerica

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