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Dr. Tom Cowan: Overview of the Real Science Related to the COVID Narrative; How Science is Being Weaponized Against Us
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Truth Comes to Light
Published a year ago |
How science is being weaponized against us and why we must understand real science.
What do virologists actually do?
Where do they get the genome?
The creation of an imaginary genome of a make-believe virus.
Looking into the science of the so-called COVID vaccine -- an injectable product that is nothing like any vaccine ever made.
Genetic engineering
The theory of vaccines
mRNA drug development meant to act as an operating system in our bodies
Dr. Tom Cowen's strategies for keeping himself and his family well

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Original title: Year End Review and Thoughts on the Future

..There's nothing unique about this. They're simply testing for pieces of genetic material, having no idea the origin of this genetic material. 

So, as far as I know, and I know this, I think, as well as anybody could know it. There is not one study out there -- there has never been with this virus or many other viruses  -- that has properly isolated the virus, properly sequenced the virus. And if you can't properly isolate it, you cannot say that a sequence of it comes only from that virus.

And, if you've never isolated it... you could never prove that the virus is the cause of this disease.

Isolation is the key. And no matter how many people say they've isolated, no matter how many people criticize me and us for saying it, I still contend that there is simply no evidence that this kind of isolation has ever happened with this or many other of the viruses that we are told cause disease."
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