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Stew Peters World Premiere: COVENOM-19 Series Vol. 1 — Cold Blooded — 'This is Amazing' — Jan. 20, 2023
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Published 10 months ago

They Can’t Hide This Any Longer… Some COVID-19 Patients Have Deadly Venom In Them

36 different shellfish toxins and snake venom are showing up in COVID-19 patients…

How did this end up in their blood, feces, or urine?

Some experts believe this so-called “respiratory” disease is actually an envenomation from the vaccine.

They’ve targeted people with toxins for decades…

Why wouldn’t this be the case now?

Did you know that the word “corona” means “crown for the king” and virus in Latin actually means “venom” so coronavirus very closely translates to “king venom”?

If you thought this film was eye-opening, then you won’t want to miss out on what we reveal next. It’s even more shocking… and the good news is, there are solutions!

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