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The formation of the W.H.O. was an outgrowth of the 1913 Eugenics Office, says David Martin, PhD
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Published 6 months ago

”We did a whole set of shows on the 
depopulation agenda.” “If you go back and look at the formation of the W.H.O. you see it is the outgrowth of the 
1913 Eugenics Office 
at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.” “That was funded by 
Andrew Carnegie.” “The W.H.O.’s founding executive director, who,
five (5) years into the W.H.O. said the role of the World Health Organization, 
in 1955, was for 
population control and population suppression [depopulation], and that eugenics was a necessary part of that process.” “[ In ] 1955, 
the first Secretary General 
of the W.H.O. 
was appointed by 
the Rockefeller Foundation.” “This program at Cold Spring Harbor Lab since 1913 has been about 
removing the population [depopulation].” “The acceleration of this program is about 
in 2028… Social Security
[ runs out of money ].” “It’s much easier NOT to pay people 
[ if ] they are DEAD.” David Martin, PhD tells "One World Government Agenda" channel on Aug 29, 2023.

The full interview is posted here:

Source : Larry Hobbs, Fat News

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