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How To Live In Victory In This Evil Day
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Pastor Jack Ward
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Published 7 months ago


Ephesians 6:12-14  How To Live In Victory In This Evil Day

Intro:  This is an evil time. Everyone knows that.  Go back thirty years and you would not imagine the things that are happening today could be real.  But here we are.  Good is evil and evil is good.  I don’t have to explain that to anyone today.  Let me tell you one thing that is totally hypocritical and evil.  Professional Baseball, football and basketball are all endorsing and promoting sports betting.  They cleaned up the word but all it is….is legalized ”gambling.”  Beer and gambling are the prime sponsors of professional sports now.  What does that tell you about it?  It’s all Fixed!  Eight Players were suspended for life for gambling in 1919. Pete Rose was in 1989.  EVIL!  This is an Evil Day!! 

Lying and deception is the norm.  Governments are evil.  Entertainment is evil.  Religion is evil.    The world is evil beyond what we ever thought it would be with the church here.  Is there anything that is not evil today?  Is there anything that doesn’t have an evil agenda behind it?  TV. Movies. Music. Books. Magazines. News Programs. Music programs. Food. Hollywood. Washington DC. Sports. They all push an evil agenda behind the scenes.
Who is the power behind the scenes?  God warns us about it..


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