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DIY Containment/Quarantine Room Kit for Pandemic Outbreaks (#Coronavirus)
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The purpose of this kit is to provide a basic set of supplies that could be used to quickly setup a makeshift containment/isolation/quarantine room in your home for emergency preparedness purposes. This kit was heavily inspired by the Showtime series “Dexter”. In that series, Dexter (a vigilante serial killer) would setup a “kill room” and stored all of those supplies in a small, black duffel bag.

During an emergency situation, you may need to keep a sick person isolated from the healthy people to avoid contamination. The supplies in the kit will allow you to attach large plastic sheeting to the walls, ceiling, and floor to seal a sick person away from the others in the home. The supplies included in this kit could also be used to seal off your home’s doors and windows prior to an expected threat (e.g., terrorist, volcanic, etc.).

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