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"Eating Wild Honey and Locusts" in Memory of Ross Broadstock of "Britains Hidden History"
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Eatin Wild Honey and Locusts
Published 5 months ago |

This program is to honour the life and work of "Ross Broadstock" founder of "Britians Hidden History." A personal friend to Dr. Stephen Pidgeon and contriubter to Cepher Publishing. 

We pay tribute to the work Rob had invested his life into by preserving and researching British History. In this video we share some private moments we shared with Ross and one of his son's Arnie as we relaxed after a busy day of travel and reserch around Wales when Ross,  Arnie and Stephen sang and preformed the song "Jerusalema."

Who knew one month later the words of the song would become so poignant. This beautiful song is a lamenation for God to take the singer to the heavenly city. Translated from the native Zulu language. "Jerusalem is my home, Guide me, Take me with You. Do not leave me here."

"Blessed are they that mourn for they shall be comforted." Matthew 5:4  Our thoughts and prayers are with Angela, Arnie, Xavi and Leon at this time.

Links below to research last month September 2022 in Wales with Ross Broadstock: Britains Hidden History and Dr. Stephen Pidgeon: Cepher Publishing.

Margam strange windows and glimpse at castle

Margam Abbey strange symbolism with Ross Broadstock and Dr Pidgeon

Can you spot the difference on this stone? Ross Broadstock and Dr Pidgeon decoding ancient British stones. Older?

Six-sided cross or a Seraph and evidence of early Christian/Hebrew or Wicker symbols?
Latin, Hebrew or Coelbren? Margam stones with Ross Broadstock and Dr Pidgeon

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