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COVID-19 vaccine has animal & plant genes so what t-Veronica zombie results depends on what 5G tower hertz is shot
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Published 2 years ago
*** Intelligence news update from the Human Homo-Sapiens Race Survival Resistance (HRSR) headquarters and Republic Rebel Alliance battlefront (July 2021).

When the 5G tower weapon is activated by the NWO fallen angel devils, the people who received the COVID-19 Coronavirus vaccine will transform into t-Veronica virus “black goo graphene oxide A.I. femtotech nanobot gene-altered” fallen angel demon-possessed Borg zombies

Just as we real Christians had been warning for the longest time, when the fake COVID-19 Coronavirus vaccine biochemical weapon “black goo graphene oxide A.I. femtotech nanobot gene-altering” fallen angel demon-possessed Borg technology is activated by the 5G tower weapon, the t-Veronica zombie virus will be activated, and take over the host human, and reconstitute their genes. There are various animal and plant genes in the t-Veronica virus COVID-19 Coronavirus vaccine, so what you turn into depends on the 5G frequency hertz shot at you. It is just like when they shoot different frequencies at the DNAs to create the various aliens. What every real Christian would like to know is, why are the pastors and religious Christian freak hordes condoning it by their silence and hiding the truth about the “t-Veronica virus” and “black goo femtobots” when they claim to have the Holy Spirit of God? The blood of billions of people will be on their hands. It is because they do not want to be assassinated, and their families slaughtered, and all their income cut off, and all their church donators & Christian book customers & Christian ministry business customers & bosses & coworkers & clients to ridicule them as lunatic heretic idiotic narcotic maniacs. This is why they are absolute crazy lunatics. They modify and sterilize and dilute the truth to make it safe from assassinations and ridicule, which is worse than being silent, because it misleads the people and makes them deceived into believing half-truths and covered-up truths. This is a grave crime that these religious Christians are committing against humanity, just like a fake “watchman on the wall” who falls asleep or feeds disinformation altered warnings to the village people to keep them docile and deceived. This is why they will not mention a single word about the “black goo femtobots” or the “t-Veronica virus” or “shapeshifting” or any of the thousands of truths we warned them. They hog the truth to themselves. They are the scumbags of the earth. This is why they still do not warn that 33.3% of the Western feminist nations’ populace are not humans, and that 70% of their military has been infiltrated by the Ceres planet Nazi 4th Reich space fleet imperial Stormtroopers. They condone everything by their covering up and generalizing the truth. What Jezebel’s and Sananda Jesus’ fake Christianity religious scumbag does such a thing, instead of giving clear exact truth to the people, so that they see the truth? They will “beat around the bush” like they beat around Jesus, and have no self-sacrificial love of Christ, so that the CPS will come and abduct their children as child sex slaves for the Draco avatar elites. They do not even warn about the Draco reptilian chimera alien incarnate avatar black nobility families elites’ names, or their pedophile cannibalism of 800 million children every year, or the adrenochrome blood children human farms on the moon, or the 40 to 60 million people MILAB-abducted every year, or the babies being replaced in the hospitals. The fallen angels and their Draco avatar Donald Trump will be happy when they finally start getting the humans to transform into hideous t-Veronica virus zombie monsters. It will be their dream come true. Repent, repent and receive Jesus as Savior, and make straight the path of the Lord! End of transmission…

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