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From Flakes to MMS to CDS: A Chlorine Dioxide "How To" (comprehensive) Video for making it at home
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Molecular Medicines
Published 7 months ago |

If you are new to Clo2 (Chlorine Dioxide) but want to start making it and using it in the home? 

Here is an excruciatingly long video on start-to-finish production.  I start with the dry Naclo2 "Sodium Chlorite" flakes and walk you through making the Liquid Sodium Chlorite, then the Liquid HCL "Hydrochloric Acid", then the MMS "Master Mineral Solution" which is used for the main "drop-mix" protocols, then the CDS "Chlorine Dioxide Solution", and finally the CDS "Protocol C", which is the most commonly used CDS-protocol.  Chlorine Dioxide It is safe to use when you understand the dosages, it is inexpensive and it is more effective than most pharmaceutical drugs for treating diseases.  

Video Table of Contents:

0:57      "A" Mix - Sodium Chlorite Flakes - Measuring & Adding Water & Mixing Naclo2, 80 to 25%

8:40      "B" Mix - Hydrochloric Acid - Dilution with water from 20% to 4-5%

19:42    MMS Drop-Mix Demonstration (Protocol 1000, 2000, 3000)

21:08    Making CDS from "A" and "B" liquids.  (Chlorine Dioxide Solution)

46:45    CDS Protocol C Mixing Demonstration with DMSO

It is more than an Cure, it is a Solution to disease.

Healing can be inexpensive and accessible to all, if they are willing to learn and "prove all things".

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