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These Viruses DO NOT EXIST ! - VOL. 1 revisited - Dr. Tom Cowan & Christine Massey
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Published 2 months ago |

For the serious of you who've been watching our materials lately, and may have seen our video, "Speak Every Man Truth With His Neighbor" (gov eavesdropping; link:

 and the segment with Whitney Webb where she said, "Stop giving [the data ghosts] your data and start getting in the real world and telling people what's what", this was another milestone marker for me.

If even a secularist can see this and make mention of this so openly even on a mainstream show, then my begging people to see the urgency for us to get out into the real world is starting to be understood even by the unsaved, and it seems that its time to move into a new mode of reducing what the beast's bots and trolls can hear, and encourage all to join us in using various forms of street preaching or handing out hard copies one-on-one, etc, because that's where the "REAL" people are.

We've discussed various things we're seeing in audience reaction in our several venues, and after the recent stir and unusual numbers reaction from the video we posted called, The "REAL" Mark of the Beast" ( link here:
 it helped to put the icing on the cake for me in making some adjustments to our ministry's various outreach efforts.

Although that last above link got over 400 hits the first day, but no new suscribers out of that, we had to admit that people are not ready for this depth of YHWH's real "rescue Instructions" just yet, let alone the rediscovered true prophecy ultimatums we're warned of.
So the latest and more difficult to face prophecy discoveries are going to be kept to our serious conference calls, etc, with folks among us who are not afraid to encourage one another as we are commanded to do in such times by Scripture.  

Please understand that we're not seeking to gain huge numbers of people who are not ready to fully stand for their Savior, but we have to put what little quality time we have in these times into reaching out our hand with love to those of you who are not afraid to similarly reach your own hands back so we can help you find the strength in fellowship that you are seeking, many of you even without any family support, just as many of us suffer from here.

Yet I plan to continue to post and maintain the more basic videos like the non-controversial one that I am posting today, doing so for folks like I just described until they are ready with the whole of their hearts to join us in Father's law and the separatist issues.

Why these particular issues so heavily in these times?

Because of that very thing:  We are being separated, and few will deny that picture these days.  Who would we be, if we allowed ourselves to continue to mix with the world as our King is working hard to otherwise separate us, sheep from goats, righteous from apostate or complacent, etc. No, our job as true servants is to keep together only people that are clearly walking with Yeshua and therefore being sent by Him.

I myself sadly only have so much time for people lately, so I want to make sure my time is most wisely spent on working with the most serious who come to us, allowing others to grow one way or the other until it is decided which side they really stand for.

In the meantime, feel free to email me if you have made a righteous decision in such ways and want to stay connected with us and the several new places/venues we are planning to work through as YHWH's servants.

In YHWH's law of love,

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Blessings to all that truly seek Him!

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