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War on Cash - Escape is STILL Possible (Video 2 of 7)
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Published 2 years ago |
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I was looking at the US Debt Clock online recently. The official figure is over 18 Trillion USD ($18,561,652,758,029.00 as of 11:10 AM, CST). That's over One Hundred Fifty-Five Thousand USD ($155,578.00) per taxpayer. Paying that off EVER is clearly impossible.

But it gets worse.

A news article came out earlier in the week stating the official figure leaves out a lot of items, so that the real US National Debt is more like 65 TRILLION USD! How can a country even function loaded down with such a mountain of debt?

Historic global debt is the really frightening answer - the picture in some other countries is even WORSE - which is a huge factor in keeping the US financially afloat this long.

When you add all of this sovereign debt up globally it amounts to far more money than even exists in the world - which is why central banks keep creating so much new money out of thin air.

This excessive money creation is all a banker's trick to make it possible to service the debt (for now anyway) - but never to pay it off. It is a balancing act to try and keep the over-burdened economy from tanking.

It is like a family with a small income putting huge purchases on a credit card until that card is full. Then they get two more cards - one to pay off the debt on the earlier card and another to keep up their spending spree. They may be able to stall off the day of reckoning for awhile, but eventually this scheme will collapse and the creditors will grab all of their stuff. Really, if you or I were to behave with the sort of reckless financial abandon of government we would very soon find ourselves bankrupt and on the street.

Numbers work the same whether on a household or a national, or even a global, level. Make no mistake, this trajectory of using ever-more debt to pay off existing debt can't go on forever. Eventually this sovereign debt crisis has to take the world into the biggest and meanest global economic collapse in the history of the universe.

The bankers, of course, know that.

The bankers though, have another trick up their sleeve. It is their trump card and they intend to use it. They are attempting to transition the world to a cashless economy before the house of cards caves in. Thus we find a war on cash going on. If the bankers can eliminate all cash then they will have control over all financial transactions. They can then manipulate the economy in new ways that have never been tried before. They think that if they can obtain this absolute control over the global economy - and over the finances of every person on earth - they can keep the wolf away from the door, and more importantly for them, maintain their position as masters of the world.

This does not bode well for personal privacy or freedom. In fact, it points to control of the individual that is so complete that no one will be able to buy or sell anything if they are not in good standing with this cashless system. They will not be able to opt out of the banking system by withdrawing their cash - because all money will be digital, controlled by the world banking system and the governments under which they operate.

While this scenario may not be the "mark of the beast" of Revelation 13, it will most certainly lay the infrastructure for "the mark" when the "beast" comes to power.

Practically everything that happens in the world system, from peace to war and from poverty to affluence, arises directly out of economic factors. Here are the mechanics behind fulfillment of Bible prophecy. We are getting closer to the end game now, and the world situation as it actually exists is starting to flesh out what the Great Oppression is actually going to look like.

In our last video we presented a lot about this and the "mark of the beast". Now we're following up with more details documenting who is actually promoting this war on cash (names here) and why they think they need to take the world cashless as soon as they are able to do it.

Grasp this, and it will help you to understand just how close we are to Revelation 13. More than that, join with us in taking action steps to be ready in advance of the monumental events soon to come.

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