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Syrian Girl Exposes The ID2020 Microchip Agenda of Rockefellers and Bill Gates
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The Illuminati, Globalist 'elite' of the world (Bilderbergers, CFR, Trilateral Commission, Royal Institute of International Affairs, Roundtable Groups, etc) have been conspiring behind the scenes to usher in a New World Order and have been working towards a Satanic World Government for decades. The SCAMDEMIC of 2020 is a step towards them accomplishing their goal of depopulating 90% of the world population and covering their tracks for looting the world economy through banking derivatives fraud.

Syrian Girl Mimi Al-Laham/Maram Susli, exposes the global eugenics agenda behind vaccination, 'Digital ID'/'Immunity passports'/'Health Passports' for COVID-19, which stems from the Rockefeller Foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and other major power players within the New World Order. Bill comes from a line of Eugenicists and bankers, with a father who was the head of Planned Parenthood in the USA- the NUMBER ONE facilitator of abortions (primarily in BLACK communities.....COUGH COUGH) and an organisation founded by Margaret Sanger, herself a racist eugenicist admired by Hilary Clinton......Ho hum.

The vaccines, ENTIRELY financed and manufactured by pharmaceutical companies who are recipients of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation grants will be laced with a hydrogel which contains a trackable technology permanently enslaving the recipient, if not completely altering their DNA. They certainly will not protect or heal any 'virus'. The bastard Gates has even sought indemnity (as have the pharmaceutical companies) from damages caused by the same vaccines they are rolling out.

The World Health Organisation (financed mainly by Gates) even has a patent on the Tetanus vaccine which causes infertility, which they call a 'design feature'. These are the organisations mainstream media, Government and central banks are telling you to have faith in. Certainly not God's design of the immune system you have!

In addition, Gates was a friend of Jeffrey Epstein. Would you let an associate of Jeffrey Epstein inject you with an unknown substance?

Gates' company, Microsoft recently back peddled in damage control mode after featuring infamous Satanist Marina Abramovic (also implicated in Wikileaks emails) due to backlash from their promotion of Satanic occultism in their advertisements. This is of course near the same time Microsoft filed the 'cryptocurrency using body sensitivity data' patent WO2020060606.......


If you want to take the eugenics-killshot vaccine from a pharmaceutical company on this guy's payroll, YOU NEED YOUR FUCKING HEAD EXAMINED!!!!

If you ask me, grab a 12-Gauge, a 9mm beretta, and a Colt M4-Carbine have the Rockefellers, Bill Gates, and all the Government officials pushing this dangerous eugenics population control quackery lined up against the wall and shoot the whole fucking lot of them. Problem solved.
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