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Deborah Hamilton: Coerced Moderna jab, medical negligence killed my daughter Natalie Boyce (21)
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Published a year ago

Deborah Hamilton testifies in parliament how her fit and healthy daughter, Natalie Boyce (21), was killed by the Moderna jab that she neither needed nor would have taken if it weren't for the Nuremberg Code breaking mandates.

Natalie is officially recognized by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA, Australian equivalent of FDA) as the 14th Australian to be killed by the COVID jab.

She had two Pfizer jabs in 2021 followed by the Moderna jab in 2022 which killed her.

Deborah is triple COVID-vaxxed and her children have had all their regular childhood injections.

Both Natalie's university and her part time employer, SG Fleet, forced her to take a known and significant medical risk by taking a medically unnecessary injection which protects no one, least of all others.

Natalie became severely ill the day after getting her Moderna jab.

When Deborah sought medical help for her daughter, the COVID hotline proved useless, and the GP and hospital misdiagnosed her with a minor ailment (acid reflux) without doing required tests.

When Natalie was hospitalized, her mother was not allowed to support her child in the hospital despite being triple vaxxed and following all other medically useless government rules and mandates. The 'strange' thing is that other patients *were* allowed support and visitors.

Doctors remarked that they saw a lot reactions like Natalie's after COVID jabs, especially "a messy looking liver on ultrasound", but did nothing for her.

The Victorian sick care system turns out to be in absolute shambles, but graduates are unable to get a job. The government clearly has oceans money to buy obscenely profitable experimental jabs and promote them, but not for care staff and necessary medical equipment.

Natalie's health gradually worsened while in hospital due to her jab. Her heart and kidneys were failing and she had blood clots in her leg. She required ECMO (Extra-Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation), which is the most intensive form of life-support, reserved for only those in the most dire condition. This treatment caused injury to her spinal cord, which would have left her paralyzed had she survived.

She died on March 27, 2022, 5 weeks after her injection. Her death certificate states that she had myocarditis and that she died of a myocardial infarction.


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