Physicians against media - There is no dangerous corona pandemic - by Billy Six
5710 views • 03/29/2020
This video was originally uploaded on YouTube titled as "Mediziner gegen Medien Es gibt keine gefährliche Corona Pandemie - Billy Six" However, it keeps getting taken down by their censors for 'violating policies'.

As far as we can tell, there is nothing in this video that violates any policies on any platform. The only thing we can say perhaps, is that it pokes some big holes in the current narrative surrounding the coronavirus "pandemic." Maybe just a bit too close to the truth? We dont know but the information presented is interesting nonetheless. See for yourself.

What is being reported by mainstream news media and our governments is at odds with the facts on the ground. Our freedom and liberties and being decimated over what is an unwarranted response to a virus that so far hasn't been anywhere as deadly as we are being told.

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