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10/01/2017 Mike Adams Acoustic Analysis: 2 Las Vegas Shooters Were At 450 Yards and 260 Yards From Concert Cell Phone Acoustic Analysis
Published 2 years ago
Downloaded 08/05/2018
Mike Adams does an acoustic analysis on 2 Cell Phones at the Concert Shooting of hundreds of US Citizens long since covered up
Taken Down By Youtube
While Mike does NOT get into the known to those who researched this at the time various proofs on various videos and law enforcement audio and testimonies could have proved a helicopter gunship plus 10 to 12 Saudi Intel Agents assisted by the US Government shot up the Pro-Donald Trump US Citizens at a Las Vegas Concert; in a classic form of awakening as a technique, Mike Adams just takes 1 critical analysis to see if a basic scientific scratch the surface test could independently have led investigators to believe more than 1 active shooter was involved just on 1 simple investigator analysis. It did.
Shooters were also seen or reported at the locations of (shooting wil running or moving along on the ground) : Hooters, the Airport, Mandalay Bar, MGM Grand, Excelsior, Bellagio, NYNY, Tropicana, Planet Hollywood, Aria Resort Pedestrian Bridge and Caesar's palace. Not to mention the helicopter gunship videoed with matching audio which shows a US Intel Conspiracy as a lock. Mike does NOT address the overwhelming multiple other evidence that the Department of Justice and involved alphabet agencies suppressed, he just sticks to the basic audio forensics of 2 cell phones at 1 shooter the concert.
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