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Carroll Quigley - Explains part of The Invisible World Government("mystery babylon") - Corbett Report
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Published 7 months ago |
Nearly everything which the general world masses perceive as normal and true, is merely a stubbornly elaborate illusion created by secret and mostly unseen groups of occultic people for the purposes of fleecing, controlling and deceiving those very masses...

And YES, once again, all Rhodes lead to Rome:
- Georgetown University is a Jesuit College
- The Jesuits philosophy is to leave nothing to chance, control all the narratives taught
- Carroll Quigley is a Jesuit
- ALL Jesuit members take orders from the Superior Jesuit General, and for the first time in history happens to also be the Pope, Pope Francis or (Jorge Mario Bergoglio) is both.
- Cecil Rhodes used Adam Weishaupt's structure for the Illuminati as a template for the secret society he created to have rule the world.
- Adam Weishaupt was born in, raised by and became a Jesuit
- Bottom-line: The Vatican(Rome/Pope) is by proxy, ultimately in control of everything which Carroll Quigley speaks-of in this video
- So, by proxy, the Pope controls the New World Order which he recently called for to be implemented. or aka: "The Woman(Vatican/Roman Catholic Church) who rides the BEAST(the current system of government which is in the process of changing into the NWO) ..." and the NWO = The image to the first BEAST which the Roman Catholic Church controlled(rode) until 1798 where it appeared to be mortally wounded.
- Bible prophesy is being fulfilled as you read this...

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