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Emergency Acts, COG, Canada Tyranny, Schwab WEF, MSM as Enemy & Dark Journalist analysis Sad Day
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Published 4 months ago |
2 20 2022 Straight Shooting News

Emergency Acts/COG, Canadian Tyranny Schwab WEF, MSM The Enemy of The People, & Dark Journalist excellent analysis

A Sad Day for Canada -- or is it the way of winning for A Great Awakening?

Resolve is Victory, Stay United or “Hang Separately as Fools” as Franklin said.
To our friends and Canada American Patriots stand with you!

Ottawa Police Chief Vows to Hunt Down and Penalize Everyone Involved in The Protest

Downtown Ottawa Sunday Show Play Clip in Article

Part I highlights how the MSM is the Enemy of the People. Share this so those who are short on time or attention, can SEE what is plain in front of the face.
Reminder: our previous show on the Smith Mundt Modernization that legalized domestic use of propaganda, which was passed by congress in 2013 at the same time the Data Collection Facility in Utah opened, and today we are seeing the plan unfold in front of our eyes: you may want to watch that show …
Various clips, and commentary:
CBS propaganda saying the Canadian Trucker Protests are control by Q-anon Conspiracy Theorists and abusive users on social media, and the need of censorship!
Next is a question posed to the Canadian Parliament as they discussed approval of Emergency Act that suspends all the rights of Canadian Citizens which must be approved by parliament. In WEF’s Klaus Schwab’s own words admitting it. From Sept 2017 at the JFK School of Government in Massachusetts.
Laura Ingraham speaks with Prof Jonathan Turley about Canada in Tyranny
How is Canada handling the protests?
WION news clip; pushing the false narrative worldwide about arrests, while independent media has shown for weeks the Love Fest in Ottawa with the homeless being fed, crime down, and the protestors leaving the streets cleaner than when they arrived.
The arrest of an organizer of the convoy peacefully surrendering to police.
Saturday February 19 in Ottawa w/ Police and Canadian Military (?) in full battle gear with the Military locked and loaded turning on the People of Canada and crushing the peaceful protest.
Full Link to Canadian Live feed from The Church of BuBBles:
Do the Willing Enforcers of Tyranny win – and the Peace is Dead in Canada?
In Part II we will DJ explain what is behind what is taking place in Canada, why, and explain what is coming to the U.S.A. and why, but first let’s take a quick look at what is taking place in New Zealand where another one of Klaus Schwab’s Global Leaders was injected into power Ardern.
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