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Heavy Labor Workouts vs. Chlorine Dioxide & Hydrogen (HHO) Therapy - Will I recover faster?
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Chlorine Dioxide DIY (MMS/CDS)
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So, taking Chlorine Dioxide oxidates pathogens while giving me a boost of oxygen, and HHO (Hydrogen) protects me from oxidative stress while helping my body tissues to recover faster. Then, if I take both of them on the same days while doing some extreme construction work? I my normal "day job" is teachig students in a classroom4 but I get a chance to do some construction work in the summers. As I get older, my 50-year old body doesn't recover so well from the work and I have been experiencing chonic inflammation in my lower back and hip these past years. Here is my video journal of doing some heavy labor while taking Clo2+HHO during the same days. My Conclusion? As long as you space these two substances apart during the day, this stuff really works wonders for the heavy laborer or even athlete. Lots of promise for those looking for faster recovery times while doing physical work.

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