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Paramount Chief from New Zealand, John: Wanoa and Andrew: Devine explain some of the history behind the United Tribes flag (visible behind Andy) and what it stands for, where it came from, and how it derives its power and authority from English kings before Queen Victoria in the mid 1800s, who made the Treaty of Weitangi with the Maori tribes yet in illegitimate ways, which were not honored anyway as the flag was used by the Navy (Presumably British Navy) who rushed around the world using it to conquer nations and colonize peoples.

John recounts how the real power lies in Westminster not Rome and how his visit there three years ago was truncated as his papers and affidavits were searched and downloaded and he was deported rather cavalierly and dropped off in Hong Kong, not even his home in NZ. (John has done a great deal of work, it sounds like, in doing the requisite historic research and tracing things like land titles and treaties back to their source, and writing affidavits showing the historic connections.)

Later John was subjected in NZ to a Mental Health Fraud -- a go-to activity the Kings of Crime engage in now, all over the world, in desperate attempts to discredit all whistleblowers and invalidate their work and testimonial (as this writer well knows, from recent events reported in interviews here, marking April 14-19, 2022 as a period of infamy for Quincy Police and Massachusetts State Police and attendant hospitals working in cahoots with them forever).

Andrew also details how much of the hidden history behind the flag and its authority and how land titles worked derives from secrets kept by the Freemason society, and how a certain Freemason helped John understand the true history. One of the interesting things John notes is that a memorial, a king, a flag, and a native man are what are needed to establish authority over a land—concepts to explore further no doubt. Another interesting aspect and one with ramifications for all worldwide are the stores of gold and other wealth confiscated by Queen Victoria and now held by the IMF—subjects covered by Lady: Crown in other previous interviews at this channel—later sent to Indonesia, the Philippines and somewhere else—which John says he is working to retrieve and make available to the world.

On the subject of how this can possibly be accomplished, John reveals his hope is to keep spreading the word and sharing the truth of his knowledge through courts such as this Zoom call of public opinion and public awareness-raising, which he names his own Paramount Chief Native Court and which he says is peopled by Living Men and Living Women (as it sure is) (as opposed to the dead Legal Person NAMES on paper which the 1930 bankrupting of nations by Geneva Agreement led to: an incorporatizing of people's names as corporations, later securitized and bonded and held as collateral for the bogus bankruptcies the world over).

Please share this information widely so others hear of this possibility for freedom for all peoples worldwide. Video free to mirror--download and upload at your channels in full.

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