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COVID Propaganda || Mass Hypnosis Exposed (by a Hypnotist)
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Published 3 years ago
People have been under a spell this past year! This is mind control. This video exposes some of the technics being used to psychologically manipulate people to follow government's intructions and even get angry at those who don't (control people's actions and emotions).

Brian Halliday has been a professional hypnotist for over 25 years. He used to be a full time stage hypnotist. He was shocked when the pandemic first kicked off as he realised the government were using almost the exact same techniques he was using working in theatres. In this video he breaks down the psychological manipulation used. Shocking!

For instance, Brian explains how he used to create CHAOS by keeping everybody waiting 10 mins or so before he was due to go on, deliberately plunging the room into darkness for 5 mins. then using creepy music and strobe lights before walking on stage. Chaos is a powerful tool. Moving the goal posts constantly and changing the restrictions and putting ones in place that don't make sense are all part of manufactured CHAOS.

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