(ON THE NEWS FRONT)___EV's Now More Expensive Than Gas Vehicles To Operate
82 views • 01/30/2023

Between mileage taxes, crashing power grids and ever increasing electricity rates, this is just the beginning.

My electric cooperative is now charging 0.22 KWH compare to Duke Energy nationwide charging 0.9 cents to 0.11 KWH. I am on lights only l.e.d's , burn wood for winter heat and have gas range (Don't tell Ocasio!) . My power for just lights used very sparingly and using 684 KWH for the month....My elec bill is still $145 per month. My neighbors have power bills with the same Cooperative ranging $550-$700 per month! Going off grid this summer...Can't afford. Globalist's suck raw eggs! They have "The rules apply to thee, not to me" mentality .But they continue to fly their personal jets 6-8 thousand miles a week and cruise in their guzzling Yachts and run their HVAC's. Their jets emit more carbon in 1 flight than my footprint for 7 years. I'm a worthless bottom feeder. I am population that needs to die off. Ezek34 

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