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This is the latest revision of the "WHO KILLED ZACHARY GOLDSON." It contains a new section on forensic analysis added at timestamp 1:12:36.


After being seen in the ER at the hospital, Zachary (a white inmate) attempted an escape by assaulting his escorting officer and trying to take his gun. A fight took place where hospital personnel assisted getting control over him again. He was transported back to the jail and was most likely deceased within minutes after his return. A competent investigation was never done. In fact, a thorough cover-up appeared to possibly have been involved among law enforcement, the Sheriff's Office, AG, Ohio BCI, the County Court, contract medical examiner and FBI.


This video provides enough 'probable cause' evidence for any cognizant law enforcement official to re-open this unsolved cold case. Public trust in the justice system and those administering it demands nothing less.

This existing evidence presented from the wrongful death case (Ashley Bard vs Brown County, U.S. District Court, Southern District of Ohio, Western Division, Case: 1:15-cv-00643-SJD Filed: 10/02/15) should be enough to substantiate criminal indictments.

There are two other older videos with information in them not in this video: (5 years ago; 2:13:32 duration) The Special Prosecutor assigned to this case on March 25, 2014, immediately realized that IF this was a homicide it would be a conspiratorial cover-up with about 15-20 people involved. (3 years ago; 23:32 duration)

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