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Dr. Jane Ruby: Pharmaceuticals Intentionally Deploying Toxic Batches of COVID-19 Vaccine (Spanish subtitling too)
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Published 2 years ago
"Dr. Jane Ruby said that analysts identified the toxic batches by batch numbers, and it is an emergency to get the information out to people around the world."

Dr. Jane Ruby told the public that large pharmaceutical companies Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson are rolling out toxic batches of vaccines against the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

"There is evidence that these companies are intentionally deploying toxic batches [of the COVID-19 vaccine]," Ruby said during the January 3 episode of "The Stew Peters Show."

Ruby said she was informed by a group of analysts that all three drug companies are actively testing live humans with these mass vaccination campaigns. She said analysts identified the toxic batches by batch numbers, and it is an emergency to get the information out to people around the world.

The analyst team said these companies are conducting what are called "lethal dose studies," which look at how much it takes to cause death.

“What they do is determine the lethal amount to analyze half the population. It is one of the means of evaluating acute toxicity before conducting human studies, ”Ruby said. “It has been largely removed. They are doing it without informed consent. It is against all ethical and regulatory rules. These companies are simply proceeding with impunity because there is nothing stopping them. "

With this information coming to light, Ruby pointed out that there is no reason why someone should have their children in line to receive vaccines, especially with the lethal doses that are being deployed. There is no reason for anyone, both children and adults, to undergo such injections.

For those who think vaccines are the way to go, Ruby encourages parents to at least ask for the batch number of their vaccines because these bioweapons put children at risk. She stressed that simply looking at the lot numbers can help.

Ruby analyzes lethal batch numbers
Ruby said the companies created lethal doses in batches and embedded these batches into code that allows them to verify which batches are toxic, which ones cause disabilities, and what types of disabilities are likely to appear.

For Moderna, it is batch code 011 l 20.

The number 011 is the temporary batch order that tells the company that it has been developed over time and deployed by the company. The "l" is the concentration that determines its toxicity and the number of adverse reactions. The number 20 is qualitative, an ingredient that is considered highly toxic in its batches.

The reason these companies don't care about security issues is that these things have already been designed in advance to allow them to ship toxic batches and give them a chance to collect your information.

The professional hackers who managed to break into the Pfizer and Moderna systems were able to verify the batches, with enough evidence to list all the Moderna batches deployed thus far.

Moderna also has a web tool that allows them to check batch expiration dates and the hackers team was able to access Moderna's full batch list with a list of batch codes. They also did the same with Pfizer.

What they found was that these companies were very specific about where they are implementing their vaccines and what doses they are administering. Moderna has been distributing lethal doses in the US and exporting "disability" doses in the European Union. Therefore, the death rate in the US was 10 times higher compared to the EU, but there are 10 times more adverse effects and disabilities in the EU compared to the US.

Dr. Jane Ruby confirms that the toxicity of vaccines varies by lot.

Pfizer's most toxic batch numbers start with EW, FA, FC for children and EN, ER for adults.

The most toxic batches of Moderna end in 20A (all ages). If, in addition to ending in 20A, these batches contain letters J, K, L or M, the potion is super toxic.

Hackers have exploited the servers of the pharmaceutical companies that have manufactured "Covid vaccines" and have already obtained the data they wanted to show in 75 years. What are we talking about?
Well, we are talking about the adverse reactions caused to each of the batches, the toxicity of each of them, those that carried the poison and those that had placebo. In short, EVERYTHING THEY DIDN'T WANT US TO KNOW.

Here you can check which batch your loved ones got and you can see if they are the ones that have reported the most toxicity. You can also determine if they injected placebo or actual dose:

Ésta noticia en Español, (Spanish) aquí:

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