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Pedophile ABC Reporter Tried To Debunk Pizzagate Downplayed Evidence Of Global Pedophile Network
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Published 4 months ago

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Aug 1, 2023

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One of America’s elite ABC News journalists has just pleaded guilty to distributing child porn.

Frank Cavanaugh is here to talk about organizing the American Liberty Awards, or the “Libbies,” which are being held next week in Austin, Texas.

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For years, James Gordon Meek worked as one of America’s most elite “investigative” reporters.

Then, last year, he abruptly went quiet.

Outlets like Rolling Stone encouraged people to believe that Meek’s disappearance was mysterious, and possibly related to sinister Deep State machinations.

Even Tucker Carlson was fooled over at Fox but it turned out to be something very different from Deep State targeting.

Instead, James Gordon Meek is a pedophile.

His home was raided by the FBI and they found huge troves of child pornography.

According to the charges against Meek, his child porn went well beyond indecent photos.

They included portrayals of child rape, and according to the FBI, Meek himself aspired to violently rape young children.

Incidentally, during Meek’s career one of the things he did was help “debunk” the Pizzagate “conspiracy theory.”

Turns out that, in his case, it was completely true.

Pedophila is an epidemic and must be stopped.

Those who are screaming the loudest appear to be committing the most sin.

Meek was not just a consumer of child porn but he was actively producing the disgusting content.

We are in the midst of a spiritual war because satan is after our kids.

We must stop relinquishing the battlefield and keep winning cultural battles.

The power of the Hollywood satanic elite is an illusion.

It’s an illusion because God fearing Americans are the majority of the nation.

The American Liberty Awards are about saying thank you to those who have fought a noble fight against the forces of evil

We must not put out faith in men or political leaders but trust in God.

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