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Bilderberg Moving Fast to Enslave YOU - AI Beast System Implementation
Published 5 months ago

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The Bilderberg Group is an annual forum established in 1954, bringing together influential government officials, business leaders, and intellectuals from Europe and North America. The group discusses various topics, and their agenda for 2023 sheds light on their vision for global governance. Here are the key aspects of their agenda:

Centralized One World Governance: The Bilderberg Group aims to advocate for policies that promote centralized governance on a global scale. This involves consolidating power and decision-making, which may limit individual freedoms and local autonomy.

Technological AI Beast System Control: The group recognizes the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) and surveillance technologies. They aim to collaborate with powerful entities to develop an extensive AI-powered monitoring system, often referred to as the "beast system." This system would track and control individuals, potentially eroding personal privacy and autonomy.

Economic Control: The involvement of influential business leaders within the Bilderberg Group contributes to the implementation of global economic policies. This includes the potential adoption of centralized digital currencies as a means of monitoring and controlling financial transactions, which will limit individual economic freedom.

Manipulation of Media and Education: Media outlets associated with the Bilderberg Group may exploit their influence to shape public opinion, control narratives, and manipulate the masses. The reversal of the Smith-Mundt Act, allowing domestic dissemination of government-produced propaganda, can facilitate these efforts.

Carbon Dioxide Control: The group supports the implementation of strategies to control carbon dioxide emissions. This may involve the use of smart devices and technologies to monitor and reduce individuals' carbon footprints.

Military Arm: The Bilderberg Group acknowledges the importance of military power and control. They discuss strategies related to military operations and leadership within NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), as well as coordinating strategic policies related to national security. What else are they talking about like the rise of AI robots?

Technological Transhumanism / DNA Manipulation: The convergence of nanotechnology and AI is seen as an opportunity for certain entities associated with the Bilderberg Group to explore "bio economy" and DNA manipulation. This raises ethical concerns about personal autonomy and privacy.

It is important to note that the Bilderberg Group operates as an off-the-record forum, and the specific details and outcomes of their discussions remain undisclosed. The agenda items mentioned here are based on available information and should be interpreted with caution.

Regarding AI, the Bilderberg Group recognizes the potential of AI technology and its impact on various aspects of society. They engage with influential figures in the AI field, such as CEOs of companies like OpenAI, Microsoft, and Google. The focus is on advancing AI for monitoring, control, and potentially integrating it into the envisioned centralized governance system. However, the specific details of their plans for AI implementation are not explicitly disclosed.

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