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Sequestered Dominion Voting Machine Demonstrated in Front of Auditors - JSF
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Children Are NOT Sex Toys!
Published 4 months ago |
Sequestered Dominion machine demonstrated in front of auditors

You don't need people forging ballots, you can just scan blank ones and then click the votes on screen and send them on as a legitimate votes. This fraud system is as polished as a word processor.

It is slick and easy.

I was going to upload the following video, but as it's already on (((youtube))), I don't really care:

Nice glitzy news report about the Covid vaccine

HERE IS THE OUT: Say you have allergies. Then no shot, even if they try to force it.

I do not believe Trump would willfully harm the American people. If he really is for this vax, he's been suckered.

Some people will fall for how glitzy and clean and polished the scamming newscasts are, they are brazenly pushing all the lies. No mention of the state lawsuits against fraud here.
That newscast comes off as something prepared for 4th grade level low information MORONS. It literally has frame sequencing and transitions just like children's educational programs.

I do not expect to have to tell my readers to avoid this and all other vaccines from this point forward.

There was a post to the chans supposedly from a manufacturing process engineer who said they are adding ingredients to the vaccine in small amounts that are not on the package label. He said it was to modify the DNA in the gonads to cause the next generation of women to become infertile much earlier in life . . . . and I think that's only part of it.

Just in case you missed it, ALL forms of the corona vax re-write your DNA permanently. If you're OK with that, go ahead and remove yourself from the gene pool I guess. - you will become a 🦗
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