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What On Earth Is Happening - Episode #226
Published 3 years ago
Date: 2020-06-14

Topics: Remaining Loyal To First Principles In An Age Of Psyops & Disinformation: Part 2, Seed 4 Conference has been rescheduled for May 14-15, 2021, Mark's new presentation “World-View Violence & The REAL Pandemics” which was presented At Congreso Otra Perspectiva De La Realidad is coming to WOEIH Donation Gifts this week, Mark answers questions about his upcoming online seminar "How To Become The TRUE Media," WOEIH Help Needed: Graphic Design, Video Editing, Technical Support, Web Development, Socially-Engineered Perceived Crisis, Masks are a Mind-Control technique to put people into a mindset of Submission and acceptance of Government and Mainstream Media world-view, Free people should not allow anyone to dictate what world-view they may have, At least five separate groups of protesters with different agendas are involved in the George Floyd protests and civil unrest, Agent Provocateurs and their agendas, Police Agent Provocateurs, Communist Agent Provocateurs, White-Supremacist Agent Provocateurs, Almost ALL protesters and rioters still believe in governmental "authority" want government to continue and want to be the ones who direct it's violence, Everyone who wants Government to continue to exist condones and supports Human SLAVERY, Race/skin-tone is a Divide-And-Conquer technique that every human being should be able to see through at this point in time, Mark is seeking a previous associate from Truth-Freedom-Prosperity to testify about police actions during raids, Future shows about Police and their psychopathic mindset, No Lives Matter to the CULT called "Government," There is no law so trivial that the State will not KILL you to enforce it, Police have no MORAL Right or Legitimacy to exist AT ALL, People who want policing of any kind want the continuation of Violence, Murder, Coercion, and SLAVERY, the current political and social climate in the United States is extremely similar to Germany just prior to its takeover by the Third Reich, the Dark Occult Origins of Nazism and Communism, How the Police of the Weimar Republic (German Republic) became the S.A. (Sturmabteilung) and eventually the S.S. (Schutzstaffel), Staying loyal to First Principles by knowing what Rights are, Mark’s personal disappointment with people in the so-called "Truth Community" who have abandoned First Principles at the first sign of perceived danger to themselves, How the State wants to engineer a Race War so people will continue to fight each other instead of identifying the State itself as the True Enemy, Ego-Identification of Race, Politics, Gender, Age, Class, etc., are Divide-And-Conquer strategies that most people still fall for, the One True Divide in Humanity is between those who understand that Government is SLAVERY and those who do not understand that Eternal Truth, NO LIVES MATTER to Government and its CULT henchmen, the Lives of Human Beings "matter" to the CULT called "Government" in the exact same way that the lives of animals "matter" to Meat Farmers, The Murder of George Floyd was an example of a House Slave Thug murdering a Field Slave, Government is a Straight-Line Vector for Psychopaths, Control-Freaks, Bullies and Racists, As soon as most "freedom advocates" become afraid they call for Police and Military to protect them because most of them are COWARDS, ALL Police and Military are Oppressors and Enslavers because they enforce the dictates of these Freedom-destroying institutions, Natural Law IS First Principles and we must CONSISTENTLY stay TRUE and LOYAL to it, even above LIFE itself, the Justice and Strength cards of the Tarot and their significant inter-connection to each other, the Development of inner Courage as a pathway to the establishment of True Freedom.

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