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How Junk Food Leads to Cancer (Part 2) - Cancer-Fighting Nutrition - Liana Werner-Gray
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The Truth About Cancer
Published a month ago |
Join us for Part 2 of Liana Werner-Gray's presentation at the TTAC LIVE event 2017. She explains how parasites were invading her blood in such a state of poor health... and how she used nutrition to heal her body. Be sure to catch Part 1 here:

Watch the full video to find out how she healed herself naturally without cutting, burning, or poisoning. She felt a strong need to address the root cause of her cancer. This was her wake-up call.

She discusses proper nutrition, juicing, detoxing, and The Earth Diet. And with 6 juices a day... find out what happened to her tumor within 3 months!

To hear more presentations from TTAC's LIVE event in 2017, go here:

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