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Being tortured to death with 5G
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Published 4 months ago |
Sustainability = Genocide They falsely claim more than 500 million people is not sustainable (Georgia Guidestones, book quotes etc.).
17 Sustainable Development Goals |
Health risks from radiofrequency radiation, including 5G, should be assessed by experts with no conflicts of interest
Adverse health effects of 5G mobile networking technology under real-life conditions - PubMed
Effects of Microwave and Millimeter Wave Radiation on the Eye | SpringerLink
Exposure of the eye to microwave radiation can lead to intraocular temperature increase sufficient to damage tissues.
Sea Levels not rising except in IPCC lies
Uncomfortable noises and ringing in the ears due to frequencies emitted by 5G antennas - ORWELL CITY
5g and ringing ears? - YouTube
How to Protect Yourself from 5G - Updated for 2022
The First Report of 5G Injury from Switzerland | Physicians for Safe Technology
Cell Phone Tower Tinnitus – RADIATION DANGERS
Is The “Coronavirus” Actually Radiation Sickness? – RADIATION DANGERS
jewish ritual murder paintings at DuckDuckGo;t=opera&iax=images&ia=images&
(1) Jewish Ritual Murder - Blood Magic - Primer Documentary 2021 - YouTube
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