Epstein Client List COVER-UP: JP Morgan Chase Pays Epstein Sex Trafficking Victims 290 Million
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Stew Peters Show

July 7, 2023

The DOJ gaslights America once again and claims Jeffrey Epstein killed himself.

Recording artist and music producer King Bau is here to talk about Jeffrey Epstein and his crimes that are being covered up to protect powerful elites.

The Jeffrey Epstein client list has remained a secret.

This means the people Epstein and Maxwell trafficked girls to are still free and likely are continuing to abuse and rape children.

The fact that most people do not believe that Epstein killed himself and the fact they continue to boldly lie to us means they are terrified of the truth being revealed.

How much longer will they be able to lie to us?

Jimmy Kimmel still hasn’t responded to King Bau calling him a pedophile.

For more information about King Bau’s fight to end childhood malnutrition go to .

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